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Diwali & Bonfire Night

This week the children have had a rather creative and colourful week as they have learnt about the Hindu Festival of Diwali. They listened the story of Rama and Sita and learnt how the festival is celebrated today. The role play area was a hive of activity as the children tried on traditional dress and prepared for the celebrations making Diwali cards and decorating the home. In the creative area some children designed their own Mehndi patterns and used shapes to build Rangoli patterns.

In our atelier the children made some stunning Rangoli patterns using the loose parts and manipulated the dough to make Diva lamps and more Rangoli and Mehndi patterns.

We have also been learning about the history of Bonfire Night and why it is celebrated today. The children brought this learning to life through drama taking on the role of King James I, Guy Fawkes and the soldiers. We studied the artwork of artist Jackson Pollack and were inspired to create our own artwork in this style using marbles, paint and movement. In the outdoor area there was lots of dancing with handmade ribbon sparklers and colour mixing in the puddles! 

What a wonderfully creative week we have had!


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What a super experience! I'm sure that there are some budding officers amongst you! Mrs White :-)...
Jasmine enjoyed doing the assembly ☺
Yummy xx looks like they had a great day
A fantastic video! Well done reception for being super sporty stars:-)??
Wow what fantastic creations! Well done everyone

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