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Year 1


Welcome to Year 1 September 2023. Our year group comprises:

  • 1 Kusama - Mrs Copeman & Miss Blundred  & Mrs Mustafaraj
  • 1 Goldsworthy - Mrs Hollingsworth, Miss Knapp
  • 1 Ringgold - Miss Bibi, Miss Arnold & Mrs Bedford

We are also fortunate enough to be supported by our HLTA, Mrs Burrows, who helps us with additional reading, writing and maths interventions.

Year 1 trip to Abington Park Museum.

The Year 1 children enjoyed a trip to Abington Park Museum as part of our history learning.

We have learnt about Victorian toys, homes and the Victorian era.

We explored Victorian toys, some of which were similar to the toys we enjoy today. We compared them to modern toys and how they are made from different materials, move in different ways and how they are powered.

We enjoyed a treasure hunt around the museum and explored Victorian toys such as 'cup-and-balls,' hoops, yo-yo's, skipping ropes and a zoetrope.

We ate our picnic lunched at the museum before heading back to school in the afternoon.

Thank you to the museum staff who made it an informative and enjoyable visit.

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