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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 September 2023. Our year group comprises:

  • 4 Wiltshire - Miss Hardwick
  • 4 Fraser - Miss Sheikh & Mrs Watt
  • 4 Milhazes - Mr Green

We are fortunate to be supported by Mrs Watts, Miss Crocker, Mrs Woodard, Mrs Montgomery, Mrs Odedra & Mrs Washington (HLTA).

You will find our curriculum information further down the page.

Miss Summers - the Paralympic Champion!

Miss Summers has recently joined us in 4 Milhazes as she completes the final placement of her Teaching degree with us at Bridgewater. Not only is Miss Summers being kept busy with teacher training, but she also swims eight times a week! That's because she is a Paralympic Swimming champion, and is currently training for Paris 2024.


Miss Summers won 2 gold medals at the Tokyo Paralympics and is also the world record holder for the SM6 200m Individual Medley.  


Miss Summers kindly spoke to the children in 4 Milhazes about her career as a Paralympian, and not only did she show them some of her collection of medals, but they were also allowed to hold them. The children also had the opportunity to ask Miss Summers about her career and what it takes to become a Paralympic champion. We found the talk very inspiring and we were reminded to show resilience in not giving up on our goals and ambitions.









Harvest Performance

Our Harvest Celebration


We had great fun rehearsing and performing our Harvest Celebration, 'Project Planet'. We enjoyed practising the songs - we could often be heard singing on the playground and our voices carried down the corridors as we became more confident.


thumbnail IMG 1265

thumbnail IMG 1277
thumbnail IMG 1335
thumbnail IMG 1336
We acted, danced and sang. Some of our favourite songs were; Sabotage, Go Wild and Busted.

Ancient Egyptians at Abington Park Museum

Autumn Term in Year 4 was an exciting time as the children settled into their new classes and got to know their new teachers.


Our Trip to Abington Park

We went to Abington Park Museum to understand more about how the Ancient Egyptians lived and the ceremony they held after someone died, which was called 'The Opening of The Mouths'. We listened to a Historian as they told us about the ceremony, and were then given parts to play within our re-enactment of the ceremony. We were also able to write our names in Hieroglyphs, using a wooden reed and ink just like the Ancient Egyptian scribes!


Children re-enacting the Ancient Egyptian Opening of the Mouth Ceremony

We each had our own role to play in our re-enactment of the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony.


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We listened to a Historian who told us about life in Ancient Egypt and the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony.

PHOTO 2023 09 22 13 22 05 2

A child dressed as Anubis - the Ancient Egyptian God of Funeral Rights.

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We worked hard to write our names in Hieroglyphs. We used a wooden reed and ink - which was rather messy!



In DT this term, the year 4 children are enjoying using Lego Spike to create and program amusement park rides. This week the children accurately followed the building instructions to create teacup rides. After creating the original prototypes, the children experimented and upgraded their models. They also used their programming skills to change the coding to improve the teacup ride. 


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Year 4 Curriculum

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This looks like an amazing experience. Just amazing! Well done to all involved ?
We had such a wonderful time!
I loved science week it was really intresting.
I enjoyed learning out Abington park
I have enjoyed making canopic jars ?

Helping at Home

As always at home we encourage regular reading and spellings and times tables practise. Home Learning is given out on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday. Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested the following Monday. 

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Here are some links to useful websites:  - Times Tables Rockstars – A selection of Maths and English games - A fantastic resource for our theme