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Making a stand!

The Road Safety Heroes were out in full force this week, trying to the ease the pressure of our local residents. 


We walked around the immediate streets, observing the parking and checking for any obstructions. We also tapped on the window of a few cars who were sat in the car with their engines on. The children discussed how this was polluting the air and not healthy for the local residents. Please remember to switch your cars off when you are waiting. 


The children were looking for:

- anybody parking on the yellow zig zags or double yellow lines 

- obstructing somebody’s driveway

- parking on a dropped curb

- parking so far on the curb that a pushchair cannot safely get passed

- parking on a junction making it dangerous for another car to get passed


We have taken the number plates of any cars that were observed to be doing any of the above. 

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