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ArtsMark Gold Award

We are delighted to announce that Bridgewater Primary has been awarded the GOLD Artsmark. Our Statement of Impact was submitted in February 2024 and has been assessed by the Arts Council. It is available to read below. 

We are very proud to have achieved this prestigious award which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing a varied and engaging range of learning opportunities within the arts for children who attend our school. 

Feedback from the Arts Council is shared below:

'Your Artsmark journey was disrupted by Covid lockdowns and associated pressures; you have also had to make changes as a result of significant staffing changes and as a response to shifts in government agendas - such as the emphasis on retrival skills, memorisation and progression through stages of knowledge in subject areas. You have managed to navigate all this while retaining your commitment to the arts and culture as a cornerstone of your offer.

Your strong skill-based curriculum is informed by regular consultations using strategies that provide space for pupil voice. This provides you with evidence that children are learning with confidence during lessons, in particular art and music lessons. Your teachers perceive that creative tasks and activities have had a positive impact on the children’s wellbeing.

Pupil voice has generally been very positive about the arts particularly when compared to questionnaire results prior to lockdown. The school's purchase of a kiln and the interest in ceramics has been a new area you have explored. It will be good to see where this can take you and how widespread the skills associated with it can be embedded.

As you continue with your Artsmark journey how can you ensure CPD and Pupil Voice work sympathetically, so that you are able to cover off the mandatory aspects of learning while retaining space for exploration, discovery and pursuing deeper understanding of your own pedagogy? How are you mediating the arts such that your style of teaching and the ways learners learn is influenced by creativity and culture? Are you using spaces differently? Being more flexible with your timetable? Is the quality of talking and listening changing? Are there more opportunities to collaborate? Whatever the key aspects are for you and your practice, it would be interesting to hear your reflections as you continue on the pathways you have identified.'

Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!

With warm wishes,

ArtsmarkArts Council England

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