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The Creative Curriculum

We aim to be inquisitive, curious and enjoy our learning.

Our creative curriculum is driven through our thematic learning where each year group plans a series of lessons.  These are based on accumulating the skills and knowledge of the foundation subjects.  The core subjects maybe woven through where it enhances the learning or may otherwise be discrete.  You will find areas such as our values and computing skills woven tightly within our curriculum supporting the learning of skills and knowledge.  As they travel through the school we aim to apply the principles of mastery creating breadth and depth in their learning of the creative curriculum and back filling any gaps or misconceptions.   

We aim to create rich and memorable thematic learning by encouraging trips, visits and visitors in to school to enhance the learning.  We aim to inspire the children to want to carry on their research and learning at home and this often links to exhibitions of their home learning.

We also aim to inspire the children to identify with the subjects and develop their strengths and interests preparing them for their future occupations and interests.

We aim to create globally aware and respectful citizens for the future learning from our European colleagues through our Erasmus exchange visits bringing their knowledge and skills to our creative curriculum.  We also read widely which feeds in to our planning.

As I share with prospective parents and visitors, we place a balanced emphasis across the curriculum valuing all subjects and we are a school that loves its music, sports and arts alongside the core subjects with a big emphasis on STEM subjects and underpinned with our values and awareness of our place in the world.  We love to follow the interests of the child and open up new possibilities to capture and develop their passions for the future.

Current year group curriculum information can be found below and at the bottom of each year group blog page.

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