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Science Week


We have had a lovely week this week in nursery investigating, experimenting and exploring our natural environment as part of Science week.

The nursery 'worry wolf' had a poorly tooth and needed to eat some softer food, so we worked in groups to explore options on how he could eat his biscuits.  We explored soaking the biscuits in water and investigated whether we needed the same amount of water for the different biscuits and whether time would affect what happened to them.

We were surprised to find that the bigger biscuit was the one that absorbed more water and broke down into smaller pieces, while the smaller biscuit only softened slightly.

The children have been exploring minibeasts and how we can help protect them. This week we went on a bug hunt around the swale. Before our walk we talked about where bugs like to live and where we could find them. We decided to look on the ground under rocks and leaves and in the trees too.  Whilst we were on the hunt we collected things along the way that we could use to make our own bug hotels. We had lots of fun collecting sticks, leaves, flowers and rocks for our bug hotels.

We have also been planting some seeds around the nursery garden to help attract different minibeasts.

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