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Welcome to this celebration of learning blog. I always think of the blogs as providing a window to look into the children’s fascinating world at school.  I am in the privileged position to be able to capture events across the school and community as they happen and share them with you.  It’s also a bit like a diary in that you can look back and see a colourful reflection of the year.

Mrs Harvey

Bridgewater Remembers

We gathered together as a community to pay respect to those who have sacrificed so much for us.  

The children sang beautifully and observed two minutes silence with respect. Thank you for our assembly Mrs White, and for sharing poems that helped us reflect. 
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Lovely to see so many happy faces
My son and his friend came home very excited after this lesson. Usually I don’t get much out of him ...
Fabulous parade & well done Bridgewater on your lanterns x
Grace’s favourite place in the whole school!
This looks like an amazing experience! Well done Year 6 and all the staff!

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