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Bridgewater e-News

Dear Parents

The Frontier Centre

Year 5 had a wonderful time at The Frontier Centre this week.  The Frontier and school staff were amazing and the children loved the success at achieving new challenges.  It was heart-warming that the centre managed to remain open an extra day to make sure all the children could go and experience new adventures and make new memories.  A massive thank you to Mrs Martin, Miss Conroy and the team who worked so hard and made the opportunities come true at very short notice before the centre closed on Thursday.  There is no better place to be at the moment than letting off steam in the fresh air and countryside.

Bridgewater Prime Minister

Congratulations to Isla in Y6 who won the Bridgewater Primary election and has been appointed as Prime Minister.  All the ‘candidates’ made video’s persuading the children who they should vote for.  Isla was instrumental in setting up the ‘Fix it’ group during lockdown, who worked with Mrs Atlas and the Friends to purchase two rainbow ‘Buddy Benches’.  There are plans to train the children to support each other as peer mentors on the playground so that children can share their worries and feel supported. 

Pick-up Time

I am pleased to say that the collection pick-up times are working a lot more safely.  It is your personal choice whether you wear a mask to drop-off or pick-up at this time, if people are remaining well distanced and outside in the fresh air.  Please can we remind people to respect the 2m distance when talking to staff; we now have tape demarcating the distance outside the classrooms.  Thank you.

Turning Circle Logs

Can we please ask everyone to remind the children not to play or sit on the large logs in the turning circle as they are disintegrating; we do not want to have to put a big sign out there, as I’m sure everyone can adhere to the rule.  It was Mrs Biddle who created the garden and we like to maintain it to her high standard’s in her memory.

Brass Lessons

It’s lovely to hear the various music lessons in school.  Mr Fountain (our brass teacher) has availability should you have a budding brass musician in the family.  Lessons can be booked direct with NMPAT via their website:


It has come to our attention that some of the children are having sleepovers at their friends’ houses.  We are currently in lockdown v2 and the mixing of households is therefore not allowed.  We are trying to keep everyone safe and well and would ask that you hold-off arranging any sleepovers between the children until restrictions are lifted.  Thank you.

Royal British Legion

We recently advised that we are unable to support the British Legion this year in our usual way, by selling poppies and various items of merchandise, due to the pandemic.  As we approach Remembrance Day may we remind you that we have added a payment item to your ParentMail account, which will allow you to make a voluntary donation to this cause.  We will transfer monies raised to the Royal British Legion next week.

6 Banksy Assembly

All the school enjoyed 6 Banksy’s class assembly.  It was really interesting hearing the children’s thoughts around the meanings behind his wall art and seeing their own skilful drawings interpreting Banksy’s style.

Have a lovely weekend. 

Alison Harvey

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