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Bridgewater e-News - 28 Mar 2024



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Friday, 19 April 2024


Dear Parents 

Hopefully we will have some more of the nice weather we have seen recently during the Easter break and you will be able to have some lovely family time in the fresh air and countryside.  

Online Safety Reminder – Important Advice 

In Year 5 & 6 children are able to walk home from school to gain independence. They are also allowed to keep a mobile phone in a box in school that they can walk home with to let their parents know that they are safe. If you have a child in Year 4 preparing for Year 5 and are considering buying them a phone, please consider a ‘brick phone’ (with no internet access) and not a smart phone. You can then be reassured that this reduces the risk that they are not participating in inappropriate behaviour or being exposed to harmful content.  

Evidence has shown in our school that even the most well-behaved children in school can behave inappropriately online, such as accessing adult material, bullying, recording their journey home and uploading it to YouTube, sharing their identity. This means they are vulnerable to exploitation and evidence shows that it can affect the mental health and wellbeing of our young children.  

‘63% of parents say they believe time online negatively impacts their child’s mental health.’ Children’s Wellbeing in a Digital World 2024. 

Please take a few moments to ensure that as well as managing the children’s time on devices that you check parental locks this Easter and that you are also monitoring activity to ensure they are safe. See Online Safety Newsletters etc or seek advice from the school team if you need support in putting parental locks on smart phones or any devices. 

Used safely the internet can be an incredible resource for learning. 

Easter Production 

Thank you to the Year 5 children for a wonderful performance of the Easter Story and all the staff who worked so hard. Many thanks to the Reverend Tracy who summed up the performance perfectly and was impressed with the singing and acting as the children retold the story beautifully and with clarity.  

Science Week Competition 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 'Do science with me' challenge.  We had nearly 150 entries and Mrs Hallett was so impressed with how creative you were with your experiments and models; it made it very difficult to judge. The standard of work was high, and it was lovely to see the children using their scientific vocabulary so confidently to explain what was happening in their video clips and write ups.  We had such varied entries - it's amazing what you can do with such a simple everyday object! 

Congratulations go to:  

Arlo (R Hepworth) for carrying out many investigations with his feather including growing salt crystals, exploring gravity, and floating and sinking. 

Matthew W (1 Goldsworthy) for testing whether the height of a ramp made a difference to the distance a penny rolled. 

Evie (2 Klimt) for using a straw to make a balloon rocket and creating a syphon with a balloon and water. 

Oscar (3 Hudson) for investigating with floating and sinking in different liquids with his paperclip.   

Lucy (4 Milhazes) for her catapult made from sticks, a cup, and elastic bands. 

Alfie (5 Basquiat) for growing salt crystals on his pipe cleaner.  

Ryan (6 Warhol) for his model car made from a peg which moved using a magnet. 

We will be presenting these children with prizes at the beginning of the summer term in our whole school assembly and sharing their work. 


This is a gentle reminder that we are a nut free school. This includes all nut products including Nutella. This is to protect our children who have severe anaphylactic reactions not only through direct contact but by inhaling fumes or touching surfaces that have been contaminated. Thank you. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday 16th April. 

Have a lovely break 

Alison Harvey


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