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Dear Parents

From the feedback we have been receiving, the children seem to be coping well as the situation has moved forward.  You are doing the right thing by maintaining a healthy balance of work, family activities and downtime.  Nobody, that is parents, children and staff, should become overwhelmed by Seesaw – it should provide structure and a good range of activities to engage and interest the children.  I picture them spending no more than three hours on their activities (different for every child and age group) and then getting some fresh air and other activities.  If anyone is struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

The government are starting to indicate that we may begin a staggered return towards the end of the term and I hope, as a school, we will be able to organise that to suit the best interests and safety of our children and families.

When we return, one day, we will get back into progress mode and check where the children are, gently warm them up and ease them forward to meet the national curriculum expectations. We will have to get them back into school routines and get their emotional intelligencein the right place for them to be able to learn and make super progress. We will actively teach them again in a classroom and we will target any gaps with qualitylearning and teaching with interventions where necessary. The whole country will be in the same boat.  

At this time, I know no more than you, but we are looking forward to the new normal, as soon as that is possible.

Family support

Behind the scenes Mrs Ashby and Mrs Thomas have been doing an amazing job and working long hours supporting our families, making deliveries and ensuring everyone is safe.  Mrs Ashby forwarded the following message about the Swan and Helmet, who have been generously supporting the families of Northampton in tough times:

During the last six weeks, some families have found themselves in an uncertain financial situation.  With the help of the Swan and Helmet Pub, our Inclusion Team have been able to deliver basic necessities to families that have found themselves needing support.  The wonderful staff at the Swan and Helmet are aiming to help as many families of primary school children as possible and they have been supported with grants and donations to facilitate this.  For further information, please visit

If your financial circumstances have changed, please do call the school to discuss whether you may be eligiblefor pupil premium or visit further information. 

VE Day

This year the May Bank Holiday was moved from Monday 4 May to Friday 8 May as we celebrate V.E day.  The staff will not be responding on Seesaw next Friday, but I know many have planned some linked activities during the week.  We remember those who gave their lives in the Second World War and endured so much at home, to win us freedom.  We can draw a lot of strength remembering the generations and all our relatives who pulled together at that time. 

Keep safe and well. 

Alison Harvey

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