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A Busy Term

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Thank you for our new play equipment Mrs Atlas for climbing and balancing and an active wall from The Friends for speedy reactions. 

Thank you Rushden Academy for a slick performance with  key messages coming through to keep ourselves safe online.

Thank you Mrs Copeman for inspiring  our ceramic creations across the year groups fired in our bright green shiny new kiln.

Thank you Mrs Hallett for an exciting lunch time  science club in the Creation Station for KS1.  They have loved it and learnt so much.

Thank you Miss Knight and Miss Holmes for organising number day with all our activities and problems to solve. 

Thank you to the Reading team, Miss Valentine and Mrs McNair and our Reading Ambassadors for the Reading Cafe, Book swap and of course The Bridgewater Bookworms Newsletter. You have inspired a lot of us to read more and discover new books.

Thank you for our delicious community  family breakfasts Heather and team - we love a watermelon smile to start the day.

Thank you Fossils Galore museum for lending us a woolly mammoth tusk. We were amazed that woolly mammoths roamed near us in the Ice Age 28,000 years ago! 

I can't wait for next term!


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Lovely to see so many happy faces
My son and his friend came home very excited after this lesson. Usually I don’t get much out of him ...
Fabulous parade & well done Bridgewater on your lanterns x
Grace’s favourite place in the whole school!
This looks like an amazing experience! Well done Year 6 and all the staff!