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Northampton Town Carnival 2022

We woke up to beautiful weather on carnival day.  Miss Gillet and Miss Stagg arrived at the Race course early in the morning. Then Miss Williams and Chris arrived with their big van full of the carnival creations that the children had been making over the last few weeks.  Lots of other staff arrived including Mrs Troop and Miss Conroy with her stepladder so that they could decorate our huge lorry and reach all the high spots.  Mrs Redden took some pictures which showed it all coming together.  Mrs Manns kept her artistic eye on things and lots of staff worked together to get the lorry ready by the time the children aand families started to arrive at lunch time.  Thank you to Miss Conroy who represented us by talking ... 'live on the radio'!

We were lucky to have Danny, our driver who has always driven our lorry for the carnival who helped us.  His driving was amazing as he manoeuvred very tight spots around the course and we are very grateful to him. 

We were joined by two members of the hospital dressed as super heroes who walked the course with us and were delighted that we were raising money for the new childrens outside play area in the hospital. 

it was a really fun carnival where I have never seen so many Bridgewater families taking part, either on the float or walking with us.  It's was fantastic to see so many of our families, governors and community on the route waving and cheering us on after waiting patiently for us to arrive.  It was well worth the wait because the lorry looked absolutely spectacular, a riot of colour, and everyone cheering. 

A big thank you to Morcea MBE, who puts so much time and effort in to organising the wonderful event as well as all the staff led by Miss Gillett and Miss Stagg, supported by Mrs Douglas and all our staff, families and Friends.

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Lovely to see so many happy faces
My son and his friend came home very excited after this lesson. Usually I don’t get much out of him ...
Fabulous parade & well done Bridgewater on your lanterns x
Grace’s favourite place in the whole school!
This looks like an amazing experience! Well done Year 6 and all the staff!