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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 September 2023. Our year group comprises:

  • 4 Wiltshire - Miss Hardwick
  • 4 Fraser - Miss Sheikh & Mrs Watt
  • 4 Milhazes - Mr Green

We are fortunate to be supported by Mrs Watts, Miss Crocker, Mrs Woodard, Mrs Montgomery, Mrs Odedra & Mrs Washington (HLTA).

You will find our curriculum information further down the page.

Trip to Abington Park Museum

This week, year 4 had a wonderful time learning more about the Ancient Egyptians on a school trip to Abington Park Museum. Whilst there, the children went to hieroglyphics school to learn about the Ancient Egyptian form of writing using pictures or symbols. The children were amazed to discover that there were around 800 different hieroglyphs in total, that Ancient Egyptian writing has no spaces between the words or punctuation, and that it can be written left to right, right to left or vertically. They then wrote their names in hieroglyphics on papyrus using a reed pen, similar to the materials the Ancient Egyptian scribes would have used. 

The children also expanded their knowledge on the funeral rites of the Ancient Egyptians, considering the reasons behind some of the Ancient Egyptian funerary practices. They then became experimental archaeologists, re-enacting the ‘Opening of the Mouth Ceremony’ using drama and replica artefacts at the museum.  

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Biscuit taste testing

In DT this week, the children taste tested a variety of biscuits, considering the factors which make a good biscuit. They then worked in teams to make their own biscuit dough using creaming, seiving and rubbing techniques.


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World Book Day

On World Book Day, the year 4 children enjoyed spending some time with their twinned classes. They shared the lovely story jars they had created along with the books that had inspired them.


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Mental Health Week 6th -10th February 2023

During Mental Health Week, the year 4 children considered the importance of making connections. In assembly, the children were introduced to the poem 'Together' by Matt Goodfellow. On a nature walk around the school swale, the children connected with nature using their senses and learnt that this is good for improving wellbeing. Later in the week, the children enjoyed time with their twinned classes, building on the connections they have previously made. 4 Wiltshire twinned with 1 Kusama, showing the year 1 children the yoga poses they have been learning in PE this term. 4 Fraser shared books with the year 2 children and 4 Milhazes had a lovely time working as a team with R Hepworth creating a very long paper chain. 

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Year 4 Curriculum

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This looks like an amazing experience. Just amazing! Well done to all involved ?
We had such a wonderful time!
I loved science week it was really intresting.
I enjoyed learning out Abington park
I have enjoyed making canopic jars ?

Helping at Home

As always at home we encourage regular reading and spellings and times tables practise. Home Learning is given out on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday. Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested the following Monday. 

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Here are some links to useful websites:  - Times Tables Rockstars – A selection of Maths and English games - A fantastic resource for our theme