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Welcome to our Languages and International Blog. At Bridgewater, we have chosen Spanish as the language we teach, as it is widely spoken. This is taught to all children in years 3 to 6 by Mrs Hsu. We engage the children through playing games, singing songs and stories as well as developing their grasp of grammar and the written language. Please celebrate the children’s learning with us by commenting on the blog posts below. ¡Hasta luego!

We embrace international links and are working towards the ISA (International School Award). We have worked in partnership with Erasmus and many of the staff have enjoyed taking the opportunity to travel abroad to experience primary school practice in other countries. International links are interwoven throughout our curriculum. We hope you enjoy observing these on our blog.

ERASMUS Trip to Spain

As part of our international work, Miss Holmes had the opportunity to visit Malaga, Spain on an ERASMUS trip and see our link school in action! The children loved the folder of work about Bridgewater that our children sent them!

It is evident that they love their outdoor learning. Their outdoor space is a project that involves the whole community. The signs were created by parents and the patchworks were made by different services, for example, the fire service. When the children arrive in the mornings, they have their routines and go straight to the garden to weed and water the plants. They recently discovered a tiger spider in the insect house! A local artist came in to design the climbing wall based on the climate, the trees and the water. The children then painted it.

There were lots of discussion-based learning opportunities in the classroom and the school was very welcoming to their visitors.

We are asking our link school questions about life there. If you have any questions, please encourage your child to write them on a sticky note and we will try to find out the answer!


Mal 1Mal_4.png


Mal 2Mal 3



Italy- Day 2

Day Two

Today Miss Paine, Miss Brown and Miss Vigo visited two school in Moderna. They first visited an infant pre-school for children aged 0-6 where they were inspired by some amazing autumnal art work. One of the classes had a little garden where plants have started to grow so they decided to paint some pictures to record their observations.

The staff then visited a primary school for 6-11 year olds, where we enjoyed learning about their different hubs; science, art, music and reading.

They're having a wonderful time and are excited to share their experiences. 

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