Abington Park visit

On Thursday the children in Reception all went on a journey to Abington Park. During our walk we listened to all the sounds we heard on the way. The children heard different bird song, cars, the beep of the crossing, duck, the water whooshing under the metal grate and the leaves rustling in the wind. 

We went and visited the horse chestnut tree and the children noticed that the tree looked very different to when they vistited it in the Autumn. The children looked closely at the blossom and the leaves on the tree. 

Back in the classroom, the children recreated their journey by recounting the sounds they heard. Together we made a soundscape of our walk. 

This week the children will continue to observe the signs of spring and natural objects we collected from the park. 

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What a super experience! I'm sure that there are some budding officers amongst you! Mrs White :-)...
Jasmine enjoyed doing the assembly ☺
Yummy xx looks like they had a great day
A fantastic video! Well done reception for being super sporty stars:-)??
Wow what fantastic creations! Well done everyone

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