Welcome to this celebration of learning blog. I always think of the blogs as providing a window to look into the children’s fascinating world at school.  I am in the privileged position to be able to capture events across the school and community as they happen and share them with you.  It’s also a bit like a diary in that you can look back and see a colourful reflection of the year.

Mrs Harvey

Welcome to Bridgewater Nursery School.

The team consists of Mrs Spina (Nursery Lead Teacher), Mrs Hollingsworth (Early Years Practitioner/Nursery Teacher PPA cover), Mrs Abraham (Early Years Practitioner), Mrs Colby (Early Years Teaching Assistant) and Miss Esson (Early Years Practitioner Apprentice). All members of the team work hard to offer a nurturing and supportive learning environment for the children to thrive and grow. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum with an emphasis on promoting the characteristics of effective learning. This approach fosters a love of learning and provides challenge linked closely to developmentally age appropriate experience. We strive to create an environment where the children feel confident to explore and discover new things. As a Nursery, we understand that all children are unique and understand the importance of following their individual interests.

What are we learning this term?

This term, we welcome all of the new children to the Nursery! It is a really exciting time for the children and the Nursery Team. In order for the children to feel confident to learn and grow, we believe that they need to be happy and secure in their new environment. During the Spring Term, we will focus on promoting personal, social and emotional development by promoting positive relationships with the staff and other children. They will learn how to be independent whilst they access their healthy snack by pouring their own drinks, slicing their fruit and buttering their toast. Throughout the day, they will have the opportunity to choose the different areas where they want to learn and play. The adults will encourage the children to experience a wide range of learning areas inside and outside. Each day, they will spend time with their key worker groups where they will experience active rhymes, singing songs and listening to stories. We will also look forward to working closely with the Reception children and the Early Years Team.

We are Early Years! We're passionate about outdoor learning, problem solving and investigating all kinds of exciting learning opportunities. It is important that our children have an exciting environment where they feel safe to be risk takers as they approach their learning.

Our Learning Heroes guide us through the day and encourage us to employ the characteristics of effective learning. Each day we try to be like the 'Have a go Hero,' and try new challenges while 'Captain Keep it Up,' encourages us to keep trying when we don't succeed the first time. ‘Agent Ideas’ reminds us to share our ideas and explore different ways of approaching tasks, whilst 'Fantastic Focus' encourages us to maintain concentration on our tasks.

We are a free flow unit which means we are able to tackle our challenges in our preferred order, at the level we feel most comfortable. Our teachers encourage us to challenge ourselves once we have built confidence in the set tasks.  Each week we have new 'Rainbow Challenges,' with activities which support our physical development, phonics, writing and mathematical skills. Our progress and work is recorded in a number of ways such as in our writing books, learning journeys, observations, photos and 'Tapestry', so our grown ups can keep updated on what we have been learning.

Early Years is extremely busy and fantastic fun. Keep up to date with us by following our blog.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

Welcome to Year 1. Our year group is split into 3 classes:

  • 1 Goldsworthy: Mrs Watt, Miss Hall, Mr Kennedy, Mrs Dalby
  • 1 Kandinsky: Miss Paine, Miss Mason
  • 1 Miro: Miss Knight, Mrs Parker, Mrs Kressy

We are also fortunate enough to be supported by other HLTAs within the school who help us with additional reading, writing and maths interventions.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

What we are learning about - Over The Hills and Far, Far Away!

What a fantastic first term in Year 1 we have had this year. We are excited to start our Spring Term with the theme, Over The Hills and Far, Far Away. We are looking forward to beginning our theme with a Wow dress-up day. Children are welcome to come to school on Thursday 4th January dressed as their favourite traditional-tale character. We look forward to seeing their costumes to add more excitement to the first day back. Please download our Year 1 Curriculum Overview from the sidebar to find out more!

In Year 2, the children develop their independent learning approaches within a supportive and considerate environment. The Year 2 team work closely together to create an exciting and connected curriculum that inspires children to embrace learning challenges.

Weekly routine

  • Reading books are changed every Tuesday and Thursday. Children need to bring their reading books to school each day.
  • Children will visit the school library every Tuesday.
  • Year 2 PE days are Tuesday morning (outdoor) and Friday (indoor) but as you can appreciate, timetables have to be flexible so the days may change. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school (clearly labelled) with trainers that they can fasten independently. In the colder months the children will need appropriate clothing for the cold weather.
  • Super-Learner Mission books are due back on Friday.
  • Our weekly spelling quiz is on a Friday morning and the following week’s spellings will be handed out each Monday.

What we are learning this term

Our theme this term is called ‘World Wide Wonders’ and our learning will focus on the continents of the world, Christopher Columbus and the changing nature of travel. As writers this term we will be inspired by animals and mystical creatures from all corners of the world. We will be learning about the features of non-chronological reports, writing stories and character descriptions.  In maths, we will be learning about money, shape and time as well as continuing to develop our calculation skills. (+, -, x, ÷)

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

Welcome to Year 3. Our year group is split into 3 classes:


  • 3 Rennie Mackintosh: Mrs Karavadra and Miss Peal
  • 3 Hockney: Mrs Spatcher and Miss Rumbold
  • 3 Mondrian: Mr Shipley, Mrs Biddle and Miss Gillett

What we are learning about – Extreme Explorers!

This term we will be turning into explorers for an exciting Geography based unit: ‘Extreme Explorers’. We will learn about different explorers from around the world and what they have achieved. We will gain an insight into mapping and orienteering skills by taking part in various outdoor activities, such as, creating our own shelters and cooking soup outdoors! Below are some links that might be useful to support your learning at home.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

Welcome to Year Four

This year, in Year Four the class teachers are Mrs Holding and Mrs White (4 Lowry), Mrs Douglas (4 Picasso) and Mr Lancaster (4 Renoir). Mrs Torpey and Mrs Bierne, who are our teaching assistants, will be working alongside. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Archer teaching Spanish to each class for an hour a week, as well as Pacesetters covering PE and Wellbeing on a Wednesday afternoon.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

What are we learning this term?

In Maths this term we are focussing on Multiplication and Division as well as constantly recapping our work on place value, rounding and addition and subtraction. In English we are thinking about storytelling. We will be writing a story that involves travelling back in time, leaving us in a shoe factory in Northampton. This ties in well to our theme, ‘A Step in Time’. We have a very exciting theme where we will be learning all about the history of our town and local area, including the park. We will be using lots of history skills to find out information as well as map reading and plotting skills. We are looking forward to working as artist when we sketch and watercolour buildings in the town.

Welcome to Year 5!

This year, in 5 Escher, the Class Teachers are Mrs Reece and Mrs Hallett, with the support of Miss Crocker. In Dali, the Class Teacher is Miss Brimble with the support of Mrs Bradford-Parnell. 5 Gaudi's Class Teacher is Miss Conroy with the support of Mrs Rose. During the course of Year 5 we will continue to build on the children's independence and resilience skills and also move their learning forward by using our growth mindsets.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

What are we learning this term?

During the Spring term, our theme is 'To Infinity and Beyond', where we will be immersing ourselves in all things outer space! This will include learning about how aspects such as the rotation of the Earth impact on our daily life, hosting debates about the moon landing, a trip to the Space Centre as well as some surprises along the way!

In Year 6, we have two classes: 6 Warhol and 6 Vasarely.  Mrs Boyling is the Class Teacher in 6 Warhol and Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Mawer are the Class Teachers in 6 Vasarely.  Miss Scott is our Teaching Assistant who supports across both classes and runs some intervention groups, Mrs Archer is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (who supports both classes on a Monday and Wednesday morning) and Miss Harris is a Learning Support Assistant, based in 6 Vasarely.

In Year 6, we strive to meet the end of Key Stage 2 expectations and prepare the children for their SATs in a supportive environment.  We try to instil independence in the children, as well as develop their resilience and the skills they will need to prepare them for Secondary School and beyond.

What we are learning this term

During Spring 1, our theme is 'Clockwork' which is a book study.  We are exploring this through our reading and writing learning, immersing ourselves in the text and using it to support our writing of biographies.  In Spring 2, our theme is Mother Nature, where we will be exploring the human form and landscape in art, creating wire sculptures and paintings.  We are also linking our science to this through our study of inheritance of evolution.  In English we will be writing persuasively about how we can protect our environment and Mother Nature.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

We are very proud to be opening our School Nursery in January 2018. Our approach is guided by the effective characteristics of learning outlined in the EYFS framework. Please make use of the areas around this page to help you.

The teachers in our sandpit blog are Mr. Lemon and Mrs Walsh. Well lucky to be supported by two fantastic teaching assistants; Jenny Liman and Gloria Lau. We are so proud of all of the children in our sandpit blog class! They are fantastic, hard workers and really enjoy learning. There is such a pleasure to teach!

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

What are we learning this term?

This term our theme is “The Victorians” and we will be using that theme to bring together all manner of different aspects of learning, from history and geography through to music, art, literature and science which will help us to also include mathematics as well. Interestingly, we plan to take a trip to the London science Museum to find out more about how the Victorians discovered so many different things which we take for granted today!

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