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Parent Forum

Parent Forum

At Bridgewater Primary School we value the views and opinions of our pupils' parents, guardians and carers, and as such our Parent Forum is one way for us to seek and hear their views. We propose it to be a way to help to develop a stronger partnership between us, presenting opportunities for open, honest and constructive dialogue.

Aims of the Parent Forum

  • To improve the education of the pupils at Bridgewater Primary School.
  • To work positively and in partnership with the school.
  • To create a welcoming environment which is inclusive for all parents, guardians and carers, which will help identify and represent their views on the education provided by the school and other matters such as childrens welfare and school procedures.


What happens at the Parents Forum and how often do Parent Forums take place?

At our Parent Forum we co-create ground rules which we adhere to and always have an agenda which is decided and driven by the Parent Forum representatives. There is always a representative from the teaching staff present and a rota for both Charing and recording the action minutes at each meeting is in place.

After the Parent Forum meeting, the action points are shared with the Headteacher and all of the documentation is loaded onto the website, so that it can be shared with all parents. At the beginning of the next Parent Forum meeting we review the minutes and any progress made.

The date of the next Parent Forum meeting is set at the end of every meeting.

Why take part?

We share a common aim, to provide the very best education possible for your child. Together we are stronger and, as such, everyone is always very welcome to the attend the meeting.

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