3 Hockney Everdon Trip!

Published: Wednesday, 09 June 2021 15:54
Written by Year Three

3 Hockney had a fantastic trip to Everdon Field Studies Centre where they learnt all about the rivers meander, flow and how to pond dip! 

Everdon Class photo

Pond Dipping

We explored the river with a net, searching for sticklebacks and other wildlife. Our ranger showed us how to do this safely and gave us some super tips! We emptied our nets into a tray filled with water and obseved our findings closely with a magnifying glass. 

Pond dipping 1Pond dipping 2


River Meander

We observed the meander of the river and discussed how this can change over time due to weather changes and erosion. We sketched the meander and labelled our drawings using a key. 

River Meander 1River Meander 2

River Flow

We tested the flow of the river by dropping a plastic ball at a starting point and timed it using a stopwatch until it reached the end point. We worked as a team to observe the plastic ball down the river. We recorded our results in a table. 

River flow 1

We had a super day studying the river at Everdon!