Outdoor Science Investigation

Published: Sunday, 23 May 2021 20:44
Written by Year Two

To end Science Week, Year 2 were set one final challenge to investigate. They were asked 'Are the plants the same around the school grounds?'. The children shared their predictions and then discussed how they could investigate the question. The children decided to compare two different locations and use the scientific skill of 'observation' to compare the two different areas.


Although it was slightly drizzly, the children were excited to visit the swale where they spotted water lilies and bulrushes and the garden area, where they observed daisies, dandelions and hawthorn flowers. Through their observation skills they concluded that plants need sunlight and water but different plants grow in different conditions they are suited to.


The children then headed back to the classrooms to draw observational drawings of the plants they observed and record their conclusions.


Year 2 have really enjoyed Science Week and enjoyed undertaking different investigations to develop their scientific enquiry skills. Well done Year 2!

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