Winter has come to Reception!

In Reception we made the most of the snow on Monday and got straight out for an explorative nature walk. All the children got to notice the ice crystals and observed the ice melting. We investigated the properties of snow and discussed why the snow was melting in our hands. 


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The children even noticed tracks in the snow where animals had run across the school field. We made predictions on what type of animal we thought it would be. The children thought it was probably a fox. We looked at our own tracks and noticed our the tracks we were leaving were much bigger than the foxes tracks. 
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All of this exciting snow and ice exploration led us into a Science Investigation. Our Kindness Elves travelled off the the North Pole on Wednesday Niht and tried to bring each class back a snowman! Unfortunately all the snow had melted and turned back into water. 

Each class carried out a Science investigation to see if we could slow down how quickly the snowmen melted. The children made predictions on whether they thought a snowman with no cost, with a cost made of tin foil, or a coat made out of a fluffy sock would work best at slowing down the rate the snowmen melted. Here's some pictures of our investigations: 

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Here were the children's predictions: 

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At the end our our investigation we compared the amount of ice that had melted from each snowman by measuring the amount of water that had filled up each bowl and concluded that the sock coat had been the best at slowing down the rate the ice melted. 














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