Outdoor learning

What a week Reception had! 


The children have learnt about the history behind bonfire night and the gun power plot. 

They have enjoyed going on nature hunts and looked carefully at the different colours, shapes and sizes of the leaves dropped by trees around our school grounds. They have had fun working as a team to build dens and let their imagination run wild as they explored the natural ingredients in the mud kitchen. They even learnt about camouflage during our wriggly worms activity.

During our fire pit activity the children learnt about fire safety and the importance of keeping safe around fires and fireworks. They learnt the steps to building a fire and different materials that are commonly used for fires. They described what they could see/hear/smell and feel happening outside. The children made some lovely observations and used excellent language including - smoke, ash, flames, embers, kindling. 

The children observed the changes of state and described the way the kindling and logs changed in the fire and went from beige and brown to black and then grey as it turned to ash. They also observed the way the marshmallow changed as we toasted it on the fire. The children noticed how the marshmallow went golden brown, then black, the outside bubbled and cracked and the inside went gooey and stretched apart. 

The children learnt about the steps for building a fire safely and how to put out a fire safely. They particularly enjoyed listening to the water bubble and fizz as we put the fire out. 

We also enjoyed singing the children’ favourite songs and telling stories around the fire. 

In addition to all of our outdoor learning the children have also really enjoyed learning about Diwali and making Diva lamps in the art room. They have learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and seen clips of how the people of Northampton celebrated Diwali in previous years. We were even lucky enough to have some of he children talk very passionately about their own experiences of Diwali at home! 

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