Science Week

Science Week kicked off with a bang at Bridgewater!

The Early Years children were enthralled by Mrs Hallet's engaging and exciting assemblies. They told us of how she was 'doing real magic!'

In Early Years we investigated 'Wind.' The children had enormous fun conducting experiments and sharing their ideas. We made pinwheels which was tricky and needed patience and resilience.

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We went outside to blow bubbles to discover the direction of the wind and even tried to race the bubbles. We also used a compass to talk about direction. We talked about why the bubbles moved more quickly and more irregularly than our friends running in a straight line.

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We also made wind socks to hang in our green area so we can see them from our classroom windows. Kusama class made 'Koi no Bori' which is a Japanese Carp flag! Miss Williams was so proud of them and said they reminded her of home!

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In our Atelier the children designed and built houses for their Reading Bears. With careful planning and consideration of suitable resources they constructed their houses and took them outside to test them in the wind. Luckily it was a very blustery week so all of our experiments could be conducted successfully. 

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It was wonderful to invite our families into our classrooms for Walk in Wednesday. We enjoyed sharing our learning with our families and it was lovely to have them join us in our Rainbow Challenges. 

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Thank you for an inspiring and exciting Science week everyone!

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