Children in Need

The children enjoyed dressing up to raise funds for Children in Need this year, as you can see. Thank you all for your generous donations which total £433.65.  This linked well with the children learning about what 'empathy' means during anti-bullying week this year in KS1 and the Middle Phase. The Upper Phase reinforced their learning about 'empathy' and thought about what 'integrity' means to them. We often see the children displaying empathic behaviour towards each other in school.  Linking in with this we continue to support the children to recognise and value that we live in a diverse society and should support each other and work together.

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Lovely to see so many happy faces
My son and his friend came home very excited after this lesson. Usually I don’t get much out of him ...
Fabulous parade & well done Bridgewater on your lanterns x
Grace’s favourite place in the whole school!
This looks like an amazing experience! Well done Year 6 and all the staff!

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