Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

This year, in 5 Escher, the Class Teachers are Mrs Reece and Mrs Hallett, with the support of Miss Crocker. In Dali, the Class Teacher is Miss Brimble with the support of Mrs Bradford-Parnell. 5 Gaudi's Class Teacher is Miss Conroy with the support of Mrs Rose. During the course of Year 5 we will continue to build on the children's independence and resilience skills and also move their learning forward by using our growth mindsets.

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Investigating Water Resistance

We have had a great time this week investigating water resistance in science. The children thought about what it felt like to move in the water and discussed the forces that were apparent. We thought about how we could make it easier to move through the water by adopting a streamlined shape. We decided to investigate this by planning investigations using plastercine and giant cylinders to test which shape moved through the water the quickest, and which shape would move through the water the slowest. The children used timers to time how long it took the shape to fall and recorded their results in a table. We found out that the more streamlined the shape the faster it would move through the water.

Year 5 Curriculum

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Helping at Home

In Year 5, the children are set weekly spellings on a Monday which are tested on a Friday; on Thursday we also set an additional piece of home learning which is due on a Tuesday- this term we will be focusing particularly on our timestables.

In addition to this, please continue to support your child with their reading by regularly reading to them, listening to them read and asking them questions about their reading.

Although many children read fluently and independently at this age, in order to build higher level comprehension skills it is important that children are given the opportunity to discuss what they have read.

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