Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Our year group is split into 3 classes:


  • 3 Rennie Mackintosh: Mrs Karavadra and Miss Peal
  • 3 Hockney: Mrs Spatcher and Miss Rumbold
  • 3 Mondrian: Mr Shipley, Mrs Biddle and Miss Gillett

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

Vicious Vikings


Vicious Vikings



This term year 3 will be learning about the Vikings and the impact they had on Britain. To start the term off we had a day of Viking activities in order to learn about who they were and how they lived. The day consisted of 3 activities: Viking writing using runes, weaving and Viking games.






Amongst many things, the Vikings were remembered for using looms. We were very lucky in the fact that we had some looms of our own to use and create our own materials. Year 3 have learnt how to set up a loom and then weave thread through it.


 IMG 0235IMG 0235




Year 3 learnt the Viking alphabet writing in runes. They were given Viking codes to encrypt and then created their own messages to send to their friends.


 IMG 0224IMG 0224


Viking Games


The Vikings were very competitive and we had the chance to get involved in some healthy competition playing traditional Viking games such as 9 Men’s Morris which quickly became very popular among the year group.

IMG 0230IMG 0230IMG 0230


Year 3 Curriculum

Recent Comments

It didn't surprise me that the wide ones could hold more than the tall and thin jugs.
It was really fun I enjoyed all of it I liked the games the most.???
I really enjoyed irchester country park. It was ashaim we didn't get to take our felt bags.
I really enjoyed irchester country park. It was ashaim we didn't get to take our felt bags.
I liked exploring :-) but I don't like when I slipped 2 times:-(

Helping at Home


Each week, you will be given spellings on a Monday, to be tested on a Friday. You will be working on either Year 2 or Year 3/4 common exception words, alongside the Year 3 National Curriculum words.

Topmarks Spelling Website

Times Tables

This term, you will be given multiplication tables to learn, to be tested each week. Below are some links to help you with your tables:

Topmarks Maths Website
Topmarks Maths Games Website

There are many times table songs on YouTube which can help children learn them off by heart.


Please continue to read with your adult on a regular basis. Your reading record should be completed as often as possible and will be checked when you read with an adult at school. You should read your school books and anything else that you enjoy!

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