Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. Our year group is split into 3 classes:

  • 1 Goldsworthy: Mrs Watson, Mrs Biddle, (Miss Gillett HLTA – PPA Cover)
  • 1 Kandinsky: Miss Paine, Mrs Parker, Miss Crocker, (Mr Kennedy HLTA –  PPA Cover)
  • 1 Miro: Miss Knight, Miss Masson, (Mrs Burrows HLTA – PPA Cover

We are also fortunate enough to be supported by other HLTAs within the school who help us with additional reading, writing and maths interventions.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

What’s happened to our classrooms?

After a jam-packed term, year 1 came back to find our classrooms empty of furniture and filled with rubbish! There was a mixture of plastic, card and other materials dumped in the middle of the carpet. 


The Year 1 teachers were inspired by a thought provoking video to introduce our new topic ‘Under the Sea’. In the video, a man begins by living in a lovely flat with everything around him. Day by day, a part of the flat is stripped away and eventually he is left with a single room filled with rubbish and over heating due to a huge heater. This video was created to highlight the effects our rubbish is having on the environment which we tried to recreate in our classroom by taking away our things and leaving rubbish!



The children showed great empathy and kindness when discussing how we can help the animals around the world through recycling. We attempted to clean up our classroom by sorting the objects into their materials. We then created posters emphasising the need to recycle to protect our environment and animals. 


Year 1 Curriculum

Recent Comments

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Very nice play.We hope you enjoyed doing it. When we whatched we were impressed.
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Helping at Home

 Uniform and PE Kits

Please ensure your child has the correct uniform for school and that all parts fit and are clearly labelled. Current PE days are Tuesday’s and Friday’s, however children should have their indoor and warm outdoor PE kit in school at all times.

 Home Learning and Reading

In year 1, children are asked to be read with at least three times a week. Ideally this would be their reading book but we encourage other books to be read too. Please ensure your child reads their books more than once to help with fluency. Books are changed once a week by the teacher, however there is a book changing box within the classroom, where books can be changed more frequently. In addition to this, they will also have challenge words to read and once they reach set 5, they will start to be sent home spellings. They will be tested on their spellings once a week. Challenge words will be checked fortnightly.

Current Library Sessions (subject to change):

 -       1 Goldsworthy: Wednesday pm

-       1 Kandinsky: Thursday pm

-       1 Miro: Friday pm

For homework this year, we would like to begin our ‘Wizard Challenge Books’. These will be sent out on a Thursday and should be handed in the following Tuesday. This will enable you to ask any questions or queries you may have on the Friday before the weekend.  We will set one piece of work based on learning that has taken place that week in either maths, English or theme.  This should be able to be completed by the child independently but may require a little support from you.

 Important Dates

 ·       Trip to the Church: Wednesday 31 October.

 ·       Christingle Production: Thursday 29 November 2pm

 ·       1 Kandinsky’s Class Assembly: Friday 8 February

 ·       1 Miro’s Class Assembly: Friday 10 May.

 ·       1 Goldsworthy’s Class Assembly: Friday 14 June.

 Could you help?

 e are always really grateful for any parent helpers that could offer some time to help us in class. Please also let a member of the Year 1 team know if you are able to help us with our themed learning in any way.

School Awards