Spanish Blog

Welcome to our Spanish blog.  At Bridgewater we have chosen Spanish as our modern foreign language, as it is widely spoken.  This is taught to all children in years 3 to 6 by Mrs Archer and Mr Kennedy.  The children thoroughly enjoy themselves and are engaged through playing games, singing songs and stories. Please celebrate the children’s learning with us by commenting on the blog posts below. ¡Hasta Pronto!

Super Spanish Speakers.

In year 5 we have been using our Talk 4 Writing in Spanish and have been learning a text about Tortoises Birthday,  "El Cumpleanos de la Tortuga".

Year 4 have been busy learning the Months of the Year and numbers to 31.

Year 6 have been exploring the names of different places in a Spanish town, "En la Cuidad" e.g., 'la escula  and el mercado'

Year 5 Spanish superstars!

Year 5 have been using dictionaries to translate adjectives and recognise feminine and masculine words. 

School Awards