We are Early Years! We're passionate about outdoor learning, problem solving and investigating all kinds of exciting learning opportunities. It is important that our children have an exciting environment where they feel safe to be risk takers as they approach their learning.

Our Learning Heroes guide us through the day and encourage us to employ the characteristics of effective learning. Each day we try to be like the 'Have a go Hero,' and try new challenges while 'Captain Keep it Up,' encourages us to keep trying when we don't succeed the first time. ‘Agent Ideas’ reminds us to share our ideas and explore different ways of approaching tasks, whilst 'Fantastic Focus' encourages us to maintain concentration on our tasks.

We are a free flow unit which means we are able to tackle our challenges in our preferred order, at the level we feel most comfortable. Our teachers encourage us to challenge ourselves once we have built confidence in the set tasks.  Each week we have new 'Rainbow Challenges,' with activities which support our physical development, phonics, writing and mathematical skills. Our progress and work is recorded in a number of ways such as in our writing books, learning journeys, observations, photos and 'Tapestry', so our grown ups can keep updated on what we have been learning.

Early Years is extremely busy and fantastic fun. Keep up to date with us by following our blog.

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Mini beasts and wildlife talk.

Early Years welcomed a very interesting visitor to the unit this week.

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Mr Warnes is an expert on wildlife and mini beasts and came to talk to us about a variety of birds, insects and pond creatures.

He began by talking to us about our favourite minibeast, snails. We found out that pond and land snails have their eyes in different places!

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He showed us some different birds nests and one was even still attached to some reeds! They were very delicate and we had to be very careful.

Next we learnt about how different animals, birds and insects hide to protect themselves from predators. We all practised hiding together.

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We pretended to be birds looking for something tasty to eat and looked at how insects use camouflage to disguise themselves. There was a caterpillar disguised as a twig and a butterfly that looked like a leaf!

Mr Warnes showed us a special container of pond water, which had lots of examples of pond life in it. We used spoons to gently pick them up and look at them closely. We even saw a dragonfly nymph. It looked very different to a dragonfly and we found out that they live under water for years before it changes into an adult dragonfly.  

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Mr Warnes answered lots and lots of our questions; there were so many that he stayed longer to answer them at the end. We thoroughly enjoyed his visit and thank him for a fun and informative lesson.

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