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Welcome to this celebration of learning blog. I always think of the blogs as providing a window to look into the children’s fascinating world at school.  I am in the privileged position to be able to capture events across the school and community as they happen and share them with you.  It’s also a bit like a diary in that you can look back and see a colourful reflection of the year.

Mrs Harvey

Hatching Chicks

The whole school was very excited at the arrival of our chick eggs in October and it wasn’t long before we started to see them hatch.  It was fascinating and many of us watched them hatch from home on the live webcam.  They soon dried out and became soft and fluffy and could stand up straight on their two strong little legs.  They were moved to their comfy box by Mrs Wooder where they had lots of room where we could spot the cheeky ones who stood in the food bowl or climbed all over the other chicks.  They started to grow their new stronger feathers on their wings and we got them out in our STEM area so that we could observe them.  Then before we knew it after two weeks of transformation it was time for them to leave and go to the farm where they have lots of room to grow.  

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