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Welcome to this celebration of learning blog. I always think of the blogs as providing a window to look into the children’s fascinating world at school.  I am in the privileged position to be able to capture events across the school and community as they happen and share them with you.  It’s also a bit like a diary in that you can look back and see a colourful reflection of the year.

Mrs Harvey

Thank you from St Kizito’s Orphanage in Uganda

Last year Miss Knight and the School Council invited Mr Scanlan to come to school and speak to us all in assembly about Uganda, where he grew up.  It was fascinating and he told us about St Kizito’s Orphanage where babies and young children are looked after.  He told us that they kept chickens for eggs and cows for their milk and their dung which is used to create bio fuel.  The children of Bridgewater were inspired and set about raising £200 to buy a calf by doing chores at home to earn money.  You can see the calf below.

I decided to go to Uganda in the summer and visit the orphanage and take the £200.  I also took some beautiful cards that the children of Bridgewater had made for the children of St Kizito’s. The children at St Kizito’s were very happy and full of fun and followed us around on our tour.

I met a kind lady called, Sister Mary who was very thankful to the children and she delighted in looking at their cards.  I also took the children some books and I asked her if she knew the song ... ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ as one of the books played the tune.  She certainly did as she sang along to it perfectly.  You can see Sister Mary with her lovely smile in the photo’s below.

I asked Sister Mary how the children of Bridgewater could help next and she said they would be very grateful for some new clothes.  Miss Knight and the School Council will organise this and will ask the children to do some more chores around the home and raise funds for some clothes in the near future.  I often saw the children in Uganda working hard in the fields and small children would carry water cans on their heads back from the water pumps to their homes laughing and smiling.  We will be learning about Uganda in assemblies and Mr Scanlan will come in again soon to share his knowledge and experiences and meet with the School Council.

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