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Dear Parents

We’ve had a lovely week with children engaged and absorbed in their learning.  There has been a little group of children working with Mrs Gilkes in my office while I’ve been training on the curriculum in another room this week.  They have had a look at some of my treasures and today, Pinocchio with a poorly leg (he is a very old puppet) has kept an eye on them to make sure they have good listening ears and are concentrating well … and it worked!

·        Congratulations

·        Gentle Reminders

·        TLCs

·        Reading apps

·        Speed on the roads

·        Y 5/6 badminton


Congratulations to Mrs Spatcher who has had a little baby boy this very morning – he’s the sweetest little bundle of joy.

Gentle Reminders

Please remember to flow one way around the site to avoid crossing paths with others and being too close together.

Please switch your phones off when on site to keep our children safe.

Please remember to maintain social distancing at all times and leave the site as soon as possible.


The TLCs seem to be working well via zoom.  Make sure that you sign up for your time slot; if you need support with this, please see the office team who can help.  You do have to adhere to the 10 minute time slot and get a count down on screen as the time closes.  Teacher feedback is that it is very focused and purposeful.  We would love to hear your feedback and you can catch Mrs Troop or myself on the gate most mornings. 

Reading apps

The reading apps are working very well, however some families are not accessing them.  Please seek support if you need some help getting started.

Speed on the roads

A local resident is very concerned at the speed of some cars at drop off times and I have seen it for myself!  Please take care as you drive in the local area to keep all our families and residents safe.

Y 5/6 badminton

Miss Tulley says all the Y5/6 badminton players did ‘brilliantly’ – they played really well and were very good sports.  Special mentions go to Jowell and Erin in Y6 and Harry and Croyde in Y5 who were very skilful players.

Have a lovely weekend

Alison Harvey

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