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Dear Parents

·        Y1 Multiskills

·        Zoom Lessons

·        Parking

·        Curriculum

·        5 Gaudi

Y1 Multiskills

Miss Tulley organised a Key Stage1 Multiskills event this week.  It went very well, all socially distanced, and the children improved their skills before our very eyes.  You will find pictures on Twitter.

All the staff are working very hard to be mindful of Covid-19 risk assessments whilst providing successful maximal opportunities for the children across the curriculum as near as they can to how they would have been in the past.

Zoom Lessons

As I communicated in yesterday’s email, several staff have been traced by the NHS Track and Trace system and we are doing our best to keep staff and learning as consistent as possible for the children. We were impressed with our first zoom lesson from home yesterday by the class teacher.  I tweeted some pictures so that you could see how it works.  The children face the board and are linked to the visualiser (webcam) so that the teacher can see them.  The teacher is on the board also and she can show her PowerPoint or other Interactive Whiteboard resources.  It is amazing to see the teacher and children engaging and communicating with the support staff in the classroom prompting the children and supporting them.


It alarmed me to see cars reversing on to main roads, carrying out three point turns and mounting pavements at the drop off this morning.  Please drive with due care and attention before there is an accident.  There is a police presence now but people should park appropriately at all times not just when the police are present.  Can the silver VW stop parking on the junction of Bridgewater Drive and Ellis Way please.  Thank you to those who drive carefully and with consideration. 


The staff are all working together on our approach to the curriculum ensuring that it is research based and linked to the latest science.  Our aim is to teach the children and transfer new knowledge successfully into their long term memory and build on it as they travel through school connecting and expanding  concepts as they go. 

5 Gaudi

This week we thank 5 Gaudi for teaching us about their class artist in their virtual assembly.  The children are growing in confidence as they perform to the cameras and share their learning.  It has proved to be a good way for all the children to learn about each other’s fascinating class artists.

Have a good weekend

Alison Harvey

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