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Dear Parents

In this week’s newsletter, you will find the following:

·       Peggy

·       OSC

·       Pond Working Party

·       Litter and Parking

·       Blue Badge Holders

·       Dangerous Driving

·       Super Writers

·       Water Bottles

·       4 Fraser


This week we learnt that Peggy, who cleaned our school for many years, passed away last weekend.   

Peggy would do anything for anyone with a smile.  The fridge always had a good clean out and she would regularly sort out my vertical blinds putting them back together again! 

Peggy was always upbeat and worked alongside Dave, her devoted husband.  

Our thoughts are with Dave and the family.


As many of you know Mrs Tracey Bradford-Parnell set up our Out of School Club from scratch three years ago and it has risen from strength to strength.  Tracey has decided to step down now but we are pleased to say she is carrying on in her TA and Lunch Time Supervisor roles.  We would like to thank her and hope that she enjoys having her early mornings and evenings back again.

We are delighted to say that Mrs Heather Montgomery is taking over as the Manager and Mrs Rose Leggett will be the Deputy Manager.  Both of them know the club well and are passionate about providing the best experience for the children with the very strong team of staff.

Pond Working Party

Mrs Collinson had a strong team of volunteers come in from the community on Thursday to help with clearing the pond area and finding the footpaths again.  They worked very hard and the children can get around more easily now.  They are planning to meet again in November and it is great to have such an enthusiastic group who have some lovely ideas and plans for the future.  We thank them very much and would like to welcome anyone who is a keen to get outside and volunteer their time and energy. You can find our pond update at the following link:

Litter and Parking

The local residents have noticed that since the start of term in September rubbish has appeared along the paths and pavements.  Could you make sure that you take all your litter home please?

Please do not park on the pavements as a parent has let us know that her child has to walk in to the road because cars are actually parked on the pavement.

Make sure you only park on the ‘park side’ of Milverton Crescent otherwise it is very unsafe and please don’t park on the crossing point.

Blue Badge Holders 

Please have your blue badge ready when driving through the gate so that whoever is on gate duty can wave you in quickly.   Keep your blue badge on display whilst parked in the turning circle.

Dangerous Driving

Please take due care and attention when driving on the roads at pick up and drop off times.  There could have been a serious accident involving a child today when someone reversed without looking on to Milverton Crescent.  The police will be about over the next few weeks to monitor the area with a view to reducing potential accidents.

Super Writers 

I’ve seen lots of children around the school this week who are building their stamina for writing after lockdown and are making a great effort.  Y1 brought down some lovely questions that they had written from Beegu to his parents and you can find them on our Twitter page which is also on the home page of the website if you scroll down.

Water Bottles

We have noticed that a number of children, particularly in Year 6, are bringing water bottles filled with squash or fruity tea.  Please could bottles be filled with water only as squash attracts insects and if your child drinks a liquid containing sugars from a spouted lid throughout the day, the sugars can cling to their teeth and cause tooth decay.

4 Fraser

It was very interesting learning about Henry Fraser the man who skilfully paints intricate work with his mouth. He often paints wild animals and the children were inspired to create collages in his style which can be seen on our twitter page.  It will be fantastic to spend the year learning about Henry Fraser and his work.

Wrap up warm and have a good weekend

Alison Harvey

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