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Bridgewater e-News - 05 Jul 2024



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Saturday, 13 July 2024


Dear Parents

Bronze Healthy School Award

The Healthy School Award has started again and Mrs Wise has led the team to quickly achieve the bronze level. We will start working on the Silver level in September and be keeping an eye on lunch boxes making sure they are well balanced. We will ensure that the children have energy for the afternoon but are not over excited having eaten too much sugar!

The Healthy School Advisor, Michelle Boyce, wrote:  

I am delighted to confirm that Bridgewater Primary School has been awarded the Healthy Schools Bronze Award. You have worked so hard to achieve this award and it has been an absolute pleasure to support and work with you. I also wanted to thank you for some of your fantastic examples of good practice as this allows other schools across West Northamptonshire to adopt some of these practices in their own settings. 


Early Years had a lot of fun at Mini-Meadows and enthused about all the animals they had seen – including llamas and alpacas! Miss Valentine’s class were convinced that she had driven the coach there, but I don’t think she did???  Thank you to everyone who supported the children on the trip.

Year 4 had a lovely walk through Abington Park this week to the beautiful church of St Peter and St Paul to learn about Christianity, where they were warmly welcomed.

Walking Home Safely

A Year 5 child walked home on his own through the Bridgewater Park towards Billing Road East this week. He was approached and taunted by older children in black PE kit who tried to take his keys. We have reminded all the children to go home in pairs or small groups and the police were informed. If you witness anything, please contact the police and let the school know so that we can distribute key messages.

Brick Phones

Following on from this, we know that phones are good for communication in situations like the one above. Be mindful that if you purchase a phone for the children who will be in Year 5 next year please consider purchasing a brick phone (call only) rather than a smart phone. A smart phone could make the children vulnerable if they are not carefully monitored with parent locks every week, with time on the device being limited. Remember there is a lot of research and evidence emerging now making links with children’s mental health and wellbeing alongside exposing them to unsafe situations in chat rooms etc online. Brick phones would reduce the risks and we would like to encourage this. To confirm, Year 5 and Year 6 must hand their phones in at the beginning of the day and staff return them at the end of the day. We ask you to support us with this to turn the tide of growing poor mental health, of which smart phone use could contribute.

Transition Day

On Tuesday next week we are having a day in our new classes with our new teachers and support staff ready for next academic year. The children will be told their class on Monday. On Tuesday, the children will come into their current classes for registration and then move to their new base. They will be returned to their existing classes at the end of the day for collection.

All the staff are looking forward to the day and have special activities planned. The staff are aware that some children may be anxious, as they change to the next class and will reassure them and help them feel positive and excited about next year. Most classes will stay the same but if the class has been changed the staff plan them very carefully to ensure that the children have their friends, and they will help them settle quickly.

Year 4 Super Citizens

Some very excited Year 4 litter pickers visited with blue surgical gloves and plastic bags that they had brought in from home, prepared for the job in hand.  How lovely to have children volunteering for such an important task and making a difference to Bridgewater school grounds. Just in time for the Summer Fair! Thank you, Pranav, Jake, Ini, Olivia, Dia, Myla, Ruby and Sienna.

Summer Fair

Yay!! It’s here … The Friends Summer Fair this Saturday 6th July – come along with your families at 2pm ready for an afternoon of fun and entertainment whatever the weather. Any last-minute help that can be volunteered would be gratefully received by Gemma and the team. ?

Have a lovely weekend

Alison Harvey


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