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Bridgewater e-News - 21 Jun 24



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Saturday, 13 July 2024


Dear Parents 

This has been a busy week … 

Intergenerational Project 

Year 2 had lots of fun on Monday afternoon at a Teddy Bears Picnic at St Christopher’s Care Home with Mrs Bentley, Miss Linnette and Miss Knight.  It was great to make connections with the residents and they all had a lovely time. Thank you to Celia who organises the residents and welcomed us warmly.  

Spanish Day 

Thank you to Mrs D’Agostino and her team of Spanish ambassadors for their meticulous planning for our wonderful Spanish Day for the whole school on Tuesday.  We had a ‘Quien Quiere ser Millionario’ Quiz in assembly led by the ambassadors which had lots of learning and lots of fun. There were all sorts of Spanish activities that the ambassadors led throughout the day teaching groups of children in every year group. Ruby came to school and taught the children the flamenco which they performed with a flourish.  Heather prepared Spanish meatballs and tortilla for our lunch, and we had a poster competition across the school.  Reception classes had a visit from Mrs Torres Espinola who inspired them to learn ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ in Spanish showing them pictures of her childhood in Mexico – fascinating.  Muchas Gracias. 

Rugby Update 

The Year 5 & 6 rugby team played 14 games at the Saints ground and won them all! If you look on Twitter/Facebook you will see them photographed with the Champions Trophy. They had a wonderful morning and we are very thankful to the Saints for this amazing opportunity.  

Morcea Walker 

Year 6 have recently been inspired by the book written by Benjamin Zephaniah called The Windrush Child.  We also mentioned that Morcea who organises the carnival was a Windrush child and travelled to the UK on the ship, HMT Windrush.  The children were fascinated, as Morcea is a remarkable storyteller and they asked thoughtful questions gaining an important insight into the experiences of the Windrush generation. Thank you very much to Morcea.  

Year 3 Everdon Field Trip 

Mr Wilson’s Year 3 class had wonderful weather for their Field Trip to Everdon this week and gained a lot from the knowledgeable staff and opportunities such as carrying and carried out a river study. 

Word Guerrilla  

There have been squeals of delight from children around the school thoroughly enjoying poetry from the Word Guerrilla! This has underpinned our oracy curriculum, encouraging the children to perform their own poems in an imaginative and engaging way - we can’t wait to hear them soon. Thank you so much to the highly talented and engaging Word Guerrilla. 

New Intake Evening 

It was great to meet the New Intake Parents on Thursday evening.  There was a huge turnout even on the night of the England v Denmark match. Not to worry, after our presentation in the hall we put the game on the big screen while parents tried some food samples that Heather, the school chef had made. Mrs Wise and the team got to chat to everyone in the Reception unit. We are looking forward to The Fun Day coming up soon. Special thanks to Eve, our Year 6 School Ambassador who showed people around. 

Year 6 Sports Transition Day 

I popped over to Abington Park where our Year 6 children were participating in Sports with other Year 6 children from around Northampton, grouped in their new schools for next year. I could see all the children in their bright colours organised into groups.  It was a well organised event run by Sport Northampton with Young Leaders from the secondary schools teaching and encouraging the children. An excellent transition event in the sunshine. 

Have a lovely weekend 

Alison Harvey


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