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Bridgewater e-News - 26 Jan 2024



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Wednesday, 28 February 2024


Dear Parents 

National Story Telling Week 

Next week is ‘National Story Telling Week’, and the English team have some exciting activities ready including sharing a story with their twinned classes during the week.  You could dip into your favourite stories this weekend to get them prepared for a lovely week.  

Establishing Reading Habits 

I have been working hard to get the children developing better reading habits this term visiting Year 5 and Year 6 and talking about it in whole school assemblies but still less than a third of the older children have logged in to  BoomReader each week! I’ve asked them what the barriers are. I’ve also reminded them they can log in on the chrome books in school first thing in the morning to record their reads if this is a barrier at home. I believe many barriers can be resolved if they are well organised. 

The children will be logging their homework online in secondary school and need to practise to be independent, organised and take responsibility for themselves.  Secondly, the more they read the more knowledge they will have to build on for the future.  

Well done to our many keen readers who love getting lost in a book.  Research confirms that writing comes more easily to children who have been read to as well as reading independently. Fingers crossed for more engagement next week; let’s keep working together so that our children can all rediscover the enjoyment of reading. 

Gregory’s Non -Fiction Book 

A special mention to Gregory who has written a non-fiction history book which is skilfully illustrated by his friends Louie and Grayson. Niall and Reuben get special mentions too on the back cover where the blurb is and the price £19.99, however there is a discounted rate of £4.99! It demonstrates Gregory and Louie’s detailed understanding of World Wars, and they impressed Mrs Breakwell with their articulate recall, description and interpretation of events. 


Please can we remind you not to double park both sides of Milverton Crescent which would stop an emergency vehicle getting through.

Bikes and Scooters 

Please don’t ride bikes and scooters on the school grounds at drop off and pick up times. 

Active Wall

Thank you to Friends who have funded the new Active Wall – the children love it!

Have a lovely weekend. 

Alison Harvey


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