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Bridgewater e-News - 10 Nov 2023



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Saturday, 13 July 2024


Dear Parents 


This morning all the community joined together for our Remembrance assembly.  I shared photographs of the poignant display at Stowe Park, which took my breath away.  It is still there this weekend and later in the year it will be transferred to Normandy to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Staff read some of the soldiers’ letters that they sent home and the children reflected silently after Mr Lagdon played the last post which gave us shivers. The children were very respectful, and we learnt about how the soldiers fought for our freedom, or liberty, which is one of our British Values. It was lovely to see Nursery with their collage poppies. Year 1 are also creating a display out of their ceramic poppies. 

Governor Visit 

Mr Mitchell, our Chair of Governors enjoyed looking at the detail on the ceramic poppies as he toured the school this afternoon and he was able to offer support with the DT project in Year 4 where they were developing wheel axles! 

Website Pictures 

Check out the website for the new website photo’s, which give the site an updated look – they are lovely photographs of the children.   

Chess Champion 

Gregory in Year 5 has amazing chess skills and impressed us all coming 2nd in the under 10 NSA; he must practice very hard. 

Park Visits 

Year 1 went to the park and found lots of signs of Autumn.  Later this week Year 2, as geographers, spotted human and physical features and next week they will map their journey to the park. Thank you to the volunteer helpers who accompany us and keep us safe. 

Cross Country in Abington Park 

The Year 4,5 & 6 children attended a Fun Run on Wednesday morning, and the Cross-Country Championships were held in the afternoon where Everly came first place in Year 4. Daniel from Year 6 came 6th and progresses through to the County Finals – very well done everyone who showed a lot of stamina and resilience in damp, muddy, challenging conditions.  

Fabulous Outdoor Learning

Reception have had a fabulous time in the Forest School area this week around the fire pit and have been weaving and making rangoli patterns.   

Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy 

The anti-bullying children’s group have written the updated child friendly policy and you can find a beautiful illustration of a peacock, used in the policy drawn by Scarlett in Year 3 on X and Facebook. 

Healthy Packed Lunches 

There have been some children with several chocolate bars in their lunch boxes.  Try to get a good balance and include just one as it impacts on the children’s energy levels in the afternoons.  They shouldn’t have sweets in their lunch boxes.  Definitely no nuts or nut products as we have a growing number of children with severe nut allergies.  

Parents’ Evenings Soon   

We look forward to seeing you at the Parents’ Evenings next week. 

Soil Workshop 

Year 3 were very excited when Mr Dunkley, a geologist and a parent returned this year to run his soil workshop (pictures on X/Facebook).  They learnt a lot about the water content of soils via a first-hand experience.  Thank you, Mr Dunkley, for bringing all the big bags of different soil types.  

Year 5 Bikeability  

Thank you to Tony and Brian who have taught the Bikeability programme to some Year 5 children this week. It was great to see them learning how to use hand signals and be safe on the local roads. They progressed really well during the week and developed a good awareness of road safety. 

Art Lab 

Lovely to see so many artists focused on their sketch books in Mrs Copeman’s Art Lab at lunchtime this week and choosing their own materials to represent their work.  

Conductor for a Day 

Alexander in Year 3 had an amazing day when he won a national competition to become a conductor on a train for a day – all his dreams came true!  


Thank you to Year 3, Mrs Douglas and the team who had a wonderful time walking through the streets of Northampton in the Diwali Parade last Saturday evening. Their illuminated stars woven out of willow looked beautiful, twinkling as darkness fell, alongside the giant animatons and other local schools and groups. What a wonderful community celebration of light.  

Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs Alison Harvey


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