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Bridgewater e-News - 14 Jul 2023



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Wednesday, 27 September 2023


Dear Parents 


I cannot believe how good the production of Shrek was! What a talented group of Year 6 children.  On Monday, Mr Lagdon, Mrs Hallett and the team were explaining to the children that they had to believe in themselves as they were a bit quiet to be honest.  By performance day they had raised their game through the roof and found their characters and loads of confidence.  The children were absolutely focused - their timing was excellent and they brought the humour out of the characters.   

The group singing was exceptional and the dances led by Miss Morley and Miss Holmes were very slick.  Many of the costumes were put together by Nanny Margaret who set herself up in the STEM room with some amazing fabrics and by lunchtime had knocked out at least 30 excellent quality costumes!!  We are so grateful. Thank you to Miss Peal, Miss Ottaway, Mrs Masood, Ms Bayes and Mr Kennedy for the high-quality props.  Mrs Washington gave up a lot of lunchtimes with Mr Lagdon to get that singing pitch perfect. 

The Year 6 teams pep talk worked magic as each and every child raised their game and did themselves proud.  How did Natalia, Elizabeth and Simona remember all those lines, sing like professionals and act with heart felt meaning?  I thought Simona was shy and retiring, however, it turns out she’s a born actor – ‘Donkey’ was hilarious.  All the acting was fabulous and so mature and it was great to have all our little stars taking the parts of the nursery rhyme characters.   

Thank you to all the staff and the children for your wonderful performances – they will stay in our memories.   

We also received the SATs results this week which shows just how hard all the children and staff have worked.  They had a mature, positive attitude to their learning which has paid off and they have excellent foundations to build on for the future.  

Pocket Park 

Please be aware that a group of teenage children were intimidating a child in the pocket park who was on his own at about 6pm in the evening. 

Thomas Becket Year 12 Community Project 

Thank you to Victoria Donovan who brought a group of Year 12 pupils from Thomas Becket to sort out our overgrown pond. They worked extremely hard to find the footpaths again and kept going all day in rain and shine.  We are very thankful as I know Mrs Watson and her year group are definitely going to the pond next week and we wouldn’t want to lose them without a trace in the undergrowth.  

Have a good weekend. 

Mrs Alison Harvey


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