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Bridgewater e-News - 03 Feb 2023



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Monday, 20 March 2023


Dear Parents 

Councillor Andrew Kilbride 

I walked around the local area on Thursday morning with Councillor Kilbride as families were dropping the children off for school.  We observed that people were parking sensibly along the school side of Milverton Crescent, however a few parents had parked inconsiderately, causing congestion at the junction between Bridgewater Drive and Trinity Road which should be avoided.   

Councillor Kilbride talked about the possibility of new cycle routes along Rushmere Road and Abington Crescent turning down Bridgewater Drive which is exciting. You can find an exhibition relating to the proposals in the local museum in Abington Park.   


There has been a new trend in school recently, where we are receiving referrals for children from outside school before they have been shared with the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator – Mrs Redden) or class teachers.  It would be beneficial if parents who have concerns discuss them with school as we can contribute valuable information to the big picture and discuss ways forward. 

Rest assured, we are an inclusive school that have many SEND practices embedded as part of our everyday teaching provision for all children. Please discuss any concerns via the normal route flagging them to the class teacher and working your way forward to the Year Group Leader, SENCO, Phase Leader, Assistant Headteacher/Deputy Head/Headteacher.  There are layers of expertise threading throughout the school and we all strive for the best provision for all children.  

Family Breakfast Parking 

If you are attending family breakfast, could we ask you to park outside and walk in which allows families with blue disability badges who arrive at drop off time to park in the turning circle.  

Leena’s Message – Chair of the Friends 

You may have seen that we have a new shed on the grounds which belongs to the Friends who will be storing items there for future events. Thank you to Andrew, Gemma and her uncle for setting it all up. 

Mental Health Week 

Next week is Children’s Mental Health week with a focus on Online Safety on Tuesday.  Your children may want to discuss various aspects with yourselves during the week.  

Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs Alison Harvey


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