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Bridgewater e-News

Date : Wednesday, 22 September 2021



Dear Parents

We are looking forward to starting the new academic year and welcoming you all back on Thursday 2 September 2021.

I hope you have all had a lovely summer and are looking forward to getting back to something closer to normal at school.  As always, the staff have lots of exciting learning prepared for your children and we will continue to roll out the catch-up interventions to ensure any gaps are closed as far as possible.

Covid-19 update

The government recommendations for Covid-19 have changed and we will respond carefully to keep the community safe by stepping up or stepping down measures in response to any situations that may arise such as an increase in positive cases.

There is no longer a need for children to be timetabled tightly in bubbles or for adults to wear face masks unless they are in a crowded situation. 

We will continue to encourage good hygiene routines and cleaning around the building as well as ensuring areas are well ventilated.  We will closely follow the latest guidance for isolation and office staff will be able to support you with any queries or advice.

The following link has all the latest details published on Tuesday 17 August 2021:

Drop off and Pick up

We will continue to circulate one way around the buildings at drop off and pick up as this has helped to reduce crowding and bottle necks.   Only parents or carers who hold a blue disability badge will be able to park in the disabled bays at these times. 

Staff will be at the classroom doors in EY, KS1 and Y3 for quick communications and you can make an appointment at this time or via the office if you have any information that needs to be shared.

There are always staff members outside the Upper Phase building who can also communicate with staff that you require a meeting face to face or a phone call.

PE Kit

We will continue to ask the children to wear their PE kit to school on their PE days and we will be making sure that they are wearing the appropriate PE uniform and look smart.

Playground Update

After waiting a long time for planning to come through we have started the building work to extend the playground for the Upper Phase which will hopefully be finished soon.  It will be great for the children to be able to spread out in a larger playground space.


Just a quick reminder to book dinners for the children on ParentMail if you haven’t already done so.  Bookings can be made up to the end of December.  As well as the Autumn menu we will be having special theme days, each month, giving the children the opportunity to taste food from around the world.

Y4, 5 & 6 Walking to the Gate / Home Permission

Finally, please remember to sign the walking to the gate / home permission form on ParentMail, if you consent to your child walking to the gate or home.  This applies to children in Year 4, 5 & 6 only. 

Enjoy the rest of the holiday

Alison Harvey

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