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Bridgewater e-News

Date : Saturday, 10 April 2021


Dear Parents

Arts Week

The children enjoyed a variety of talks from people who work in the Arts this week.  They were interested in learning about their careers and, hopefully, some will have been inspired to pursue their own passions and interests.

The children have created their own art works: they have been singing, dancing, sketching, making puppets and song writing.  It has been a lovely enriching art week and thank you to all the presenters who shared their passions so enthusiastically.

Poetry Week

Next week is Poetry week and we have a special visitor who will be rapping some poems for the children.  I am looking forward to reading the children’s poems in different styles.


Next week is also the week before the Easter holiday and the children in Year 5 have prepared some Easter songs that they will be sharing with the school.

Catch-up funding

You may have heard about the catch-up funding for schools.  Mrs Troop and Mrs White have worked hard to cost out and write a programme for our children who need a bit of extra support and overlearning after the lockdown.  Many staff have come forward who know the children well to work with them, build their confidence and narrow any gaps.

Red Nose Day

Thank you to all those who have donated to Red Nose day on ParentMail.  Today, we have a grand total of £560.50; however, you can still contribute until Sunday.

Year 6 Hoodies

The Year 6 hoodies are currently available to order on ParentMail.  You will need to complete the order form and make payment by Thursday 25 March and we hope to have them by early to mid-May.


We had a technical problem with the blogs recently but that has been rectified and we have started uploading them again.  They give a great little insight about what is going on in school.


It has been lovely to see lots of ducks in the school pond again and the daffodils are flowering around the site.  Spring is here and makes us smile.

Have a lovely weekend.

Alison Harvey


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