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Date : Wednesday, 20 January 2021



Stay at home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives

Dear Parents

The children are safe, relaxed and happy in school but I want to share the true picture as it stands so that you can make a safe, informed decision for your children.

We have limited the number of children in school to ensure I can maintain staff in school as well as those at home planning, teaching and supporting the online learning.  It also enables us to space the children out more safely.  There is no guidance stating suggested numbers and we are having to use our common sense as the rate of infection is growing. 

The reality is that we have nearly 200 children in school with 50 adults.  The staff includes; teachers, teaching assistants, HLTAs, Office staff, Lunch Time Supervisors, cleaners and Out of School Club.  We have a 3-week rota where we have staff from each group in school each week. 

We are doing our best to fully support you and your families and we all know that the safest place for any child/adult is to be at home at this time, even with the tightest risk assessment.

We would ask you to consider whether it is absolutely necessary to send your child to school so that we can reduce numbers and the possibility of contracting Covid-19.  200 children and 50 adults provide a lot of potential contacts for transfer of Covid-19 and the rate of infection is approximately 1 in 50 and we know that Abington is higher than that.

As you are aware, the message has been that the NHS is at breaking point and we must all do everything we can to reduce transmission rates. 

If there is a positive Covid-19 case and we have to close a bubble we are in danger of our doctors, nurses and carers who work in our community not being able to support at the frontline because they have no child care.

Anyone whose child isn’t vulnerable please reconsider whether there is any way you may be able to manage your child’s learning at home online.

The DfE have quoted today:   We have resisted limiting attendance at schools and colleges until now, but in the face of the rapidly rising numbers of cases across the country and intense pressure on the NHS, we now need to use every lever at our disposal to reduce contacts outside households wherever possible.

Please let us know if, after consideration, your views have changed and you no longer require a place.

I don’t want to cause anxieties for those who have to work but at the same time want to be open and honest about our situation at Bridgewater where we have a third of our children and staff in school which is the equivalent of a one form entry school!

Take care everyone.

Alison Harvey

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