Bridgewater e-News - 4 December 2020



Bridgewater e-News

Issue: X | Date : Wednesday, 20 January 2021


Dear Parents


New covered areas

Thank you for bearing with us whilst the new covered areas were built outside Year 1. The children have just sent a lovely little video saying thank you and now they can have lots of fun learning outside in all weathers! They even have a water butt each which the eco-team will make sure comes into good use.


Christmas Dinner

Don’t forget next Thursday, 10 December, is the day when Jason, Christine and the team prepares a delicious Christmas Dinner for us – we are so lucky to have such an amazing team who look after us all so well.


Mufti Day

Next Friday, 11 December, is Christmas Jumper Day when we all arrive sparkly and Christmassy. This year we have decided to split donations between Vulnerable Young Adults (part of The Faraway Children's Charity) which is a local charity and Save the Children, a well-known national charity. You will be able to donate on ParentMail and can decide which charity to donate to or both if you wish!



Can you make sure children are being careful on scooters and are not using them in the school grounds please. We had a parent watch a child scoot into a car belonging to a member of staff in the car park and scratch it. We have also been informed that a child on scooter nearly knocked over another small child. Thank you.


A Bridgewater Author

I’m very excited because my parcel is arriving from Amazon today with a book called ‘Alien Girl’ written by our very own Holly during lockdown. She used her time well to compile her book and get it published; you may have seen an article about Holly in the Chronicle and Echo! Well done Holly.



R Hepworth made a beautiful filmed assembly about Barbara Hepworth their class artist. I loved the ‘Vision On’ bit at the end when the children proudly held up their own impressive sculptures.


Have a great weekend.


Alison Harvey

Address: Bridgewater Dr, Northampton NN3 3AF, United Kingdom, Phone:+44 1604 637056