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Issue: X | Date : Wednesday, 02 December 2020


Dear Parents

What a funny world!  Thank you for wearing masks onsite now.  Staff are wearing masks and visors in all the shared areas and corridors and the children don’t seem phased by it at all.  We even have some masks with clear plastic, made by Nanny Margaret, so that children learning their sounds can see people’s mouths when they are modelling a sound.  The latest Risk Assessment v12 is on the website and the amendments are highlighted in yellow.

The children have been learning about Courage this week during Anti-Bullying Week, which we will continue to embed during the year.  The message was that they need to find the courage to stand up for what is right.  Every class has created colourful origami and these will be compiled into a whole school anti-bullying collage, which I’m looking forward to seeing.

Year 4 have created a quality film called ‘Hoodwinked’ for their production this year based on Robin Hood and they used our beautiful grounds to set the scene of Sherwood Forest.  Miss O’Neil and Miss Peal worked hard directing the film and Mrs Holding was the editor.  All the staff pulled together, the children rose to the challenge and look very professional – I loved it.

I have just watched 6 Vaserely’s assembly where the children were insightful art critics.  It was very interesting that he influenced pattern and print design in fashion and architecture.  Well done 6 Vaserely.

I hope all your families are safe and well.

Have a lovely weekend.

Alison Harvey


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