Bridgewater e-News - 11 September 2020



Bridgewater e-News

Issue: X | Date : Monday, 28 September 2020



Dear Parents

You will find the following information in this week’s newsletter:

 ·     New update for staggered starts

·     Holiday Permission Forms

·     Sweets

·     OSC

·     Phones

New update for staggered starts

I’ve noticed when I stand on the gate in the mornings that the foot traffic flows well around the building at the start and then gets more dispersed as we get to 9.00 AM. So we are going to try pushing the later times together as follows and if it doesn’t flow 2m apart we can revert to the original staggered start:

Nursery to Y3

·     A – H      8.40 am drop off, 3.05 pm collection

·     I – P       8.45 am drop off, 3.10 pm collection

·     Q – Z      8.50 am drop off, 3.15 pm collection

Upper Phase

·     Y4           8.40 am drop off, 3.10 pm collection

·     Y5           8.35 am drop off, 3.05 pm collection

·     Y6           8.30 am drop off, 3.15 pm collection


·     A – H      9.15 am drop off, 2.45 pm collection

·     I – P       9.25 am drop off, 2.55 pm collection

·     Q – Z      9.35 am drop off, 3.05 pm collection

Can parents dropping off to the Upper Phase drop the children off at the gate or at the bottom of the footpath where it meets Reception classes and continue around the one-way system. Everyone is doing very well at flowing anti-clockwise around the building and keeping the footfall moving has enabled us to make adjustments.

Y6 need to be in school by 8.30 am to start their learning as this will help prepare them for secondary school.

If people stick to their new time slots and if you have siblings, you can choose the most convenient time to drop them. If it looks busy please wait until it’s cleared a bit and it should be ok.

Leave of Absence Forms

I had a thick pile of absence forms to sign this week and it made me feel uneasy that so many were travelling to different bubbles and coming back to school. Please aim to take holidays in the school holidays to reduce Covid-19 spreading to our community as far as possible.


I may have written this before but at the moment please don’t send sweets to school for birthdays as it is one less thing to transfer Covid-19. Sorry!


We are looking forward to the Out of School Club starting next week in the mornings and information has been sent separately about the start.


Please do not use mobile phones in the school grounds. We are still seeing parents using phones including a few on speaker phones.

Breakfast Club

We are looking at ways of opening our Family Breakfast Club again soon and more information is to follow. Watch this space!

Have a lovely weekend – the weather is picking up.

Alison Harvey


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