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Dear Parents 

We have maintained a calm and relaxed atmosphere with well over 200 children in each day.  We had a fire practice on Monday and it took me aback when I stepped outside to see every child standing perfectly still, quietly and 2m apart.  The Reception children held a long rope each one 2m apart – no, we didn’t round them up!

Year 5

We are looking forward to Year 5 returning soon so that they can ask questions and get used to the idea of stepping up to Year 6 next year.  We have seen all the amazing work that they have been doing on Seesaw where they have shown a great attitude towards their learning. 

Learning gaps

We are still impressed at the motivation and attitude to learning of the children and families at home.  We all hear about learning gaps in the media; however, our children have adapted well to their online learning and where we are seeing gaps in school they are addressed and the children quickly get back on track in their learning.

Planning ahead

As a school, we are planning and thinking ahead to next year, with the support of our governors.  We will be able to adjust our approach, as we have done during this lockdown, in response to any government updates or messages.  We feel we can quickly step in to any situation now with your strong support and cooperation.  Every child is on our radar and we will support them all inclusively to build their confidence and to make progress. 


During the last week of this term, week beginning 13 July only the key worker/vulnerable groups will be in school all week and Year 6 will only be in Monday and Tuesday and finish on Tuesday 14 July.  By this time, Reception and Year 1 will have had an equal amount of time in school. 

Nursery will finish so that the staff can focus on next year after a long and unusual term.  Year 5 will also have experienced a week in school. 

Year 6 will be in school Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 July to do all the things that Year 6 do at the end of their Bridgewater adventure with a socially distanced twist this year.  This will give the teachers the opportunity to organise the classrooms and to meet together to discuss their ‘new’ children with each other and plan and prepare for the coming year.

New classes

We are working on the classes for next academic year and will share with you your child’s next class teacher as soon as we can.  Teachers will be working hard to transition your children to their new year group. 

Virtual transition into Reception

We are planning a virtual transition for our new intake next year and parents will be able to find information on the website at the following link:

Rainbow Games

We are all looking forward to our ‘Rainbow Games Day’ starting next week, where within our bubbles children will take on various activities, organised by Miss Holmes and Mr Howard. 

Have a good weekend. 

Alison Harvey

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