Bridgewater e-News - 12 June 2020



Bridgewater e-News

Dear Parents

The children at home are constantly in our thoughts.  I have seen how coming back into school helps to ground the children so that they feel calm, relaxed and happy to learn and I wish we could do this for them all; however, the reality is that this is unlikely before the summer. 

At this time, the staff are fully stretched across the groups of bubbles and Seesaw as we transition from home to school learning.  We have nearly 200 children in school each week and the groups are smaller so in effect we have two staff with a group of 15 children because as well as teaching them we are maintaining hygiene: wiping desks, computers, toilets, equipment and supervising handwashing, as well as supporting the children’s learning and emotional needs etc.

The whole bubble situation has meant we cannot mix children and staff, which reduces flexibility and we can only get a maximum of 15 children in a room safely with the current 2m distancing.  

At the moment, space for expansion is limited and we are thinking all the time about how to get more children in safely.  I’m sorry to disappoint but it does not seem possible to get all the children in, even on a rota, until the science says the government can reduce the 2m distancing rule. 

What we are finding is the children on Seesaw are keeping up well with their learning; however, it does not fill the social gap of being grounded back in school with their friends.  

I share your frustration but we have to work with the science and safety.

Social distancing

Can we please remind parents at pick up to maintain 2m social distancing, not to gather and to continue around the school site following the one-way system and we will remind the children.  Please do not use your phones on site for safeguarding reasons.

As Boris Johnson has directed, other single adults can join a bubble and we understand that they may now be able to drop off or pick up your children.  Can we make sure that we keep the numbers of each family to one, possibly two maximum, at drop off and pick up times.  Thank you.

I know many of the children have become super gardeners over lockdown and, hopefully, this rain will lead to a glorious crop of vegetables and some beautiful flowers.

Have a good weekend.

Alison Harvey

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