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Dear Parents

It’s been quite a busy week in school following the announcement that schools may reopen on 1 June, subject to meeting the government’s criteria. 

We are putting together a rigorous risk assessment with the governors and staff.  It is a working document and we will incorporate ideas from parents as you share them with us via the office email address -

This morning I came in early and organised 15 tables in a classroom with Mr Humphreys, all 2 metres apart, and you will be pleased to know that there was plenty of room.  We faced all the desks forward towards the board so that children are not face-to-face.   We will ask the children to bring their own easily recognisable pencil case into school, with their equipment, that they can keep securely in their drawer so that there is less contamination and they will hang their coats on the back of their chairs. 

We will aim to keep the same group together with the same members of staff to reduce risks of cross contamination.

At lunchtime we will stagger the children so that we are able to keep in our own separate groups and maintain social distancing and reduce risk.  We have found that one child either end of a long bench works well for our key worker children.  

At drop off and pick up we will stagger times, with three different times according to the letter of the surname to enable families to drop off together and also accommodate siblings with different names.

We will continue to use the Seesaw online learning platform for Years 2 to 5.  Those children in Reception and Year 1 on an alternate week at home will also use the platform to consolidate what they have learnt in school.

We will have signs on the fences outlining protocol and maps showing the direction of footfall and we will have a one-way system around the site; in through the pedestrian gate and out via the Year 3 gate and staff car park.  We will not have parking in the drop off zone as we need the space to do all we can to encourage people to keep apart and maintain social distancing.  It will be very tempting to want to have conversations; however, it can only be a quick hello and move on at first, to ensure people can drop off safely.

We are gauging the numbers of children expected in school via a parent survey that Mrs White has put together.  This will be emailed to parents shortly in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 and we would ask for your responses by 12.00 pm on Tuesday 19 May.  

We have some major decorating going on this half term thanks to AMEY.  Year 1 and Year 2, together with the corridor, have been painted and new carpets are going down, it smells lovely and fresh. 

Please complete the survey if you have children in Nursery (following the ParentMail sent yesterday), Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 and you can also ask questions through these.  All other parents who have any queries or worries please email us on the above address.

It is your decision whether you send your children; read the risk assessment when it comes out and rest assured we will do our utmost to keep our community safe and learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Alison Harvey



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