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Dear Parents

In this week’s newsletter scroll down for the following news:

·             Coronavirus

·             Trips and visits

·             Science week 


Please refer to the email we sent yesterday.  We receive daily updates from the Department of Education regarding the current situation with coronavirus and if it comes to it, Public Health England would make the decision whether the school should be closed.  Thank you to the AMEY staff who are working extra hard to keep our school clean.

Please be aware of the following:

We will be stopping the family breakfasts next week to reduce risk until further notice.

In addition, we will not be holding whole school assemblies and class assemblies to parents until further notice.  As you know, the children are in a lower risk category; however, we will limit the occasions when they are in large groups to reduce the risks of possible transference of the virus to elderly or vulnerable family or friends. 

At this point in time, Miss Paine’s class assembly will be going ahead this afternoon.

Sadly, the Y5 Easter performance will be cancelled this year; however, we will make a video of the children of where the performance is so far.

All Early Years children will be dismissed at the classroom door instead of adults walking through the unit.

We will not be letting the children use the water fountains and cups in classrooms are limited; therefore, children must have their own labelled water bottles.  In exceptional circumstances, we will use disposable cups but we only have a limited supply.

School is setting up a remote learning platform called Seesaw and we will send you further information if this is necessary.

Trips and Visits

Currently, school trips are still running; if the centres cancel them or the government has closed all schools, further information will be provided.

Science Week

Science week went off with a small bang with Mrs Hallett’s amazing exploding tub of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.  All the classes focused on ‘Our Diverse Planet’ this week, it has been exciting to see their knowledge and understanding expand.  

The children have had parents visit them to share their expertise about their careers with the children, opening up a world of possibilities for their futures.  Meredith Smart, a microbiologist, delivered excellent assemblies proving to children from the Nursery to Y6 with practical demonstrations as to why they should wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, which fits in very well at this time.  She came back later in the week with her petri dishes so that we could see what was lurking on our hands! Yuk!!

Mr Thompson, a meteorologist, came in and gave an inspiring talk to Y6 about extreme weather, which was fascinating.  

Mr Khondkar conveyed the importance of algorithms and software to Y4 in making our roads safer.  

Mr Hunt shared his knowledge about mining which really grabbed the children’s attention in Y5.

Sarah Lee, a STEM science ambassador, taught Y2 about the melting polar ice caps with her icy experiments.

Mr Baross, a physiologist, at the University of Northampton talked to Y3 about the importance of the heart. 

Mrs Gadd took some children in Y5 to the Northampton STEM Lab at Northampton Academy for an interesting learning experience attending lectures about careers and roles in the science industry.

Mrs Monk came in to tell Y1 about the pharmaceutical industry and talked about tablets. 

We shared and celebrated all our learning today in assembly.  What a fantastic week thanks to Mrs Hallett our Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) for science who coordinated the Bridgewater science research team, our young science ambassadors and our amazing parents and friends who we would like to thank for generously giving us their valuable time and expertise.  It would be wonderful to think that this week could have awakened the ambition to have a career in STEM for some of our children.

Keep safe and well and remind the children to wash their hands for 20 seconds. 

Have a good weekend.

Alison Harvey

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